Roberto Foa










Welcome to my personal web-site. Here you will be able to find links to my articles, cv, and other projects.

I am Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Melbourne (Times World University ranking, #1 in Australasia, #2 Asia and Pacific), and the Melbourne School of Government. In 2016, I completed my PhD in Government at Harvard University. My research examines quality of government, democratic transition, comparative social indicators, social trust, and patterns of global civil society. I am also interested in political methodology, including comparative survey work, index construction and design, geospatial analysis, and multi-method research. My broader mission is to understand how institutions vary across the world, and why these patterns of variation prove so persistent and resistant to change over time.

I graduated from the University of Oxford in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, where I ranked 2nd (of 350 students) in my cohort. I was subsequently a Peter Martin Fellow at the Financial Times, then worked for the World Bank as designer of the Indices of Social Development, and while living in Washington DC, founded the Washington European Society. I am a member of the Oxford Altius Society, and a Principal Investigator of the World Values Surveys.